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Apple's Iphone is revolutionizing the way people communicate in many countries. It is an Internet Multimedia Smart Phone that uses the latest technology to make our communication faster and more interesting. It is changing the way people relate, specially in industrialized countries among people with more economic facilities.

It is one of the most desired technology devices today. It can function as a camera, camera phone, regular cell phone, sending text messages and allowing to check visual voice mail. It also includes portable media player for audio music and videos, internet browsing, through Wi Fi and 3G connectivity to the internet. In top of that, it can be upgraded and customized with Iphone widgets, Iphone apps and Iphone games.

Apple products are characterized for their edge design and preoccupation on dynamic and entertaining interface. Iphone uses a multi touch screen which gives control over all the device features with the use of the fingers. It has an electric laminated panel that senses the fingers position and movements using electrical fields. It registers multiple touches at the same time to support advanced gestures for zooming, two finger tap and others.

Apple releases new Iphone versions constantly, like Iphone 3, Iphone 4 or Iphone 5. Each new version improves the design, the technology, Iphone software and options.The latest versions of Iphone incorporates Face Time which is a video calling platform that allows you to see the person you are talking to and vice versa. Iphone is available in many countries, and is becoming so popular that it is expanding its coverage.

This modern piece of technology has the ability to be improved and personalized with Iphone apps and Iphone widgets, which gives it a lot of versatility and acceptance within different kinds of social groups. But what are Apps? Applications software, also known as application or Apps, are specialized software programs designed to help the user to do different specific tasks. It is possible to download new apps right into the Iphone very easily. The Apps Store is a web site where you can find almost any kind of specialized app you may imagine and need.

There are new apps being developed constantly by almost the whole range of industries and activities. You can find apps and Iphone widgets about any topic, like music, video, games, science, and many more. There are for example Iphone apps that can transform the iphone into instruments like pianos or flutes, and you can actually play them producing sounds and music. Iphone games and Iphone widgets are also very popular.

One of the most interesting and powerful Iphone apps, is Maps, which allows you to navigate through real time maps of cities form all around the world. It only needs internet connection to work. It is a great help when traveling to unknown destinations or to walk around the city more intelligently. Iphone maps combines GPS, WIFI and cellular towers to locate your exact position in the map your are looking at. It can help you find stores, coffee shops, food, and other services available near you. It even tells you in which direction you are facing. It has the option to switch between map view, satellite view and hybrid view.

Iphone widgets are software applications but with more simple tasks. Popular widgets are weather report, virtual agendas, duties lists, news, radio, and many others. Keep reading the information on this site and learn more about Iphone 4, Iphone 3, Iphone software, Iphone games, Iphone widgets and the best apps for Iphone.

Apple's iPhone launched its state-of-he-art voice software application, Siri, with fanfare and fireworks. Nevertheless, a measure of controversy rained on Apple's parade, as feminist groups complained about the fact that this application will help users find shooting ranges and where to , but it will not offer any information regarding abortion clinics.

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